Tours: France

Concert at Le Vaisseau Fantome; Kent Camerata
members with harpsichordist Claire Pradel and flutist Sylvie Berthod, Paris



"Kent Camerata members mezzo-soprano Mary Sue Hyatt, violist Katharine Gerson DeBolt and bassoonist David DeBolt were invited to perform in Paris by Mme. Claire Pradel, Professor of Harpsichord at the Conservatoire Jean Philippe Rameau. They collaborated  in Baroque chamber music concerts with three members of the Arte Musicale Ensemble of Paris.  Along with Pradel, flutist Sylvie Berthod of the Sorbonne faculty, and cellist Sara Avent, they performed three concerts in Paris at the Conservatoire Jean Philippe Rameau, the chamber music concert barge Le Vaisseau Fantome, and on the concert series Le Mardi Musicale  at Saint Roch, a beautiful Baroque basilica in the heart of Paris.

Large, enthusiastic audiences attended each concert, and  many Parisians welcomed the ensemble by hosting  post-concert receptions providing occasions to meet arts patrons and fellow musicians.

Concert at the Jean Philippe Rameau Conservatory, Paris; (l to r) David DeBolt, Katharine Gerson DeBolt, Claire Pradel, Sylvie Berthod, Mary Sue Hyatt   Sylvie Berthod, Claire Pradel, Mary Sue Hyatt and David DeBolt rehearse for Jean Philippe Rameau Conservatory of Music concert,  Paris